slowUp – the car-free adventure days in Switzerland

The slowUp recipe is as simple as it is convincing: take around 30 km of roads in an attractive landscape, lock it up one day for motorized traffic and arrange for a varied supporting program along the route. This will be a celebration, unlike any other: young and old, families and singles, moving people and pleasure people enjoy the happy atmosphere in the car-free atmosphere. Image slowUp idea slowUp routes are as flat as possible. Tempo and distance can be chosen individually. For arrival and return travel is recommended your own muscle power or public transport. Participation is free. The slowUp success story is impressive. Since its launch in 2000 as a pre-event of Expo.02, slowUp has experienced a stormy growth. Year after year, the number of events and the number of participants increased. The idea has quickly become a national event, one of the biggest in terms of active participation. Over 400,000 people take part in one of the meanwhile 18 slowUp (as of 2014)